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About Us

As an allied health practice, we at Thriving Lives Co. have a core purpose to empower our community to live a life they love. Our team of highly trained professionals, including Exercise Physiologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, a Psychologist, and Allied Health Assistants, work with individuals of all ages, health backgrounds, and stages of recovery, regardless of medical conditions, disabilities, injuries, mental illness, chronic disease, or persistent pain. We believe that everyone has the potential to live a life they love, and we are passionate about helping our clients overcome their health challenges to achieve their goals.

We’re not your typical health practice, we take the time to truly listen to and understand your needs in our person-centred approach. We believe that your health is unique to you, and that’s why we provide tailored, evidence-based care that’s focused on you as a unique individual. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s getting back to meaningful activities,improving your health and wellbeing, and/or managing your disability, disease, illness, or pain in a more effective way.
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Meet Our Team

Our team are the heart of Thriving Lives Co. We are a tight knit family who pride ourselves on aligning our service delivery with our core values, and work hard to ensure that you get the outcomes and experiences you put your trust in us for allied health services.
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Core Values

What does it guide us to do?

  • Inject humour and play at every opportunity
  • Love what we do and do what we love
  • Connect with our patients and our own values and goals
  • Be patient-centred
  • Constantly be curious and wondering
  • Be respectful of other perspectives
  • Be empathetic and genuine
  • Treat the person, not a label
  • Speak less and listen more
  • Treat everyone how we would like to be treated
  • Be memorable

What does it guide us to do?

  • Be evidence-based
  • Act with integrity
  • Maintain professionalism
  • Ensure attention to detail
  • Be organised and systemised
  • Do what’s right and not what is easy

What does it guide us to do?

  • Communicate promptly, clearly, and concisely
  • Draw on strengths and build upon the weaknesses
  • Share your knowledge and be open to learning from others
  • Lead where you can and learn where you can’t

What does it guide us to do?

  • Be reflective and open-minded
  • Take ownership, accountability, and responsibility of mistakes and wins
  • Celebrate the wins and learn from mistakes
  • Take pride in what you do
  • Constantly seek and act upon feedback

What does it guide us to do?

  • Be creative and experimental
  • Be innovative and adaptive
  • Set a new standard
  • Be solution-focussed
  • Be inspirational and empowering
  • Try new things and surprise people
  • Be one step ahead
  • Plan to succeed and for the worst
  • Be brave and challenge yourself

What Sets Us Apart

  • We value our client’s insights:
    We spend the time required to truly listen and understand
  • Mobile Service:
    We remove barriers in accessing quality healthcare to flexibly support our clients wherever they desire
  • Interdisciplinary Collaborative Approach:
    All the allied health services you need under one roof
  • Commitment to evidence-based care:
    We will always be guided by the latest research for the highest level of care

    What Our Clients Say

    Alicia Thiele

    So surprised by how far my wrists have come with the support from David and his exercise plan, going from being told I needed surgery to no pain and lots more strength from when I started. Thank you.

    Please note the above testimonials apply to our administrative services, clinic experiences, and exercise physiology services only, as per AHPRAH regulations.