About this eBook

This ebook, titled “Persistent Pain: A Guide to Help You Find Your Way,” is a free resource that offers practical advice, tools, and strategies for managing persistent pain. It was created by Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA). It covers a range of topics, including the biology and neuroscience of pain, the impact of pain on mental health, and strategies for managing pain through physical activity and exercise.

I know from my own experiences of persistent pain, and working with clients living with persistent pain, that it can be a scary, confusing, and overwhelming experience, and that there is often a lack of understanding and awareness around the best strategies for living with and/or managing pain. This eBook is an important step towards changing that. It offers practical advice, tools, and strategies for managing pain, and I personally hope that it sends a powerful message of hope and a meaningful level of support to people living with persistent pain around the world.

Being involved in the creation of this eBook was a humbling and inspiring experience. It was an opportunity to collaborate with other professionals who share a deep commitment to improving healthcare and helping people to live their best lives. As an accredited exercise physiologist, I am grateful and proud to be able to be involved in such a worthwhile project to create something that will hopefully have a positive impact on the lives of many. It is my hope that this eBook will contribute to a better understanding of persistent pain and how to manage it, and that it will help people within our communities find the support and care they need to live full, rewarding, and meaningful lives.

– D. Dall’Alba, Co-Author, Founding Director and Principal Exercise Physiologist