NDIS Registered Provider

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

The NDIS provides funding to eligible people with disability to gain more time with family and friends, greater independence, access to new skills, jobs, or volunteering in their community, and an improved quality of life.

The NDIS also connects anyone with disability to services in their community. This includes connections to doctors, therapy providers, community groups, sporting clubs, support groups, libraries and schools, as well as providing information about what support is provided by each state and territory government.

The NDIS now supports over 500,000 Australians with disabilities to access the services and supports they need. This includes supporting approximately 80,000 children with developmental delay, ensuring they receive supports early so that they achieve the best outcomes throughout their lives (NDIS).

More information about the NDIS can be found at the NDIS website here.

What is a Registered NDIS Provider?

A provider is a person, business, or organisation who delivers NDIS funded supports to Participants. Providers have different areas of experience and expertise.

NDIS registered providers are regulated by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. All providers (registered or unregistered) must adhere to the NDIS Code of Conduct.

If your NDIS funding is NDIA-managed, you can only use NDIS registered providers to deliver your services.

Participants who self-manage or have a plan manager to manage their NDIS plan funding can use NDIS registered providers or unregistered providers.

What are the benefits of receiving support from a “NDIS Registered Provider”?

When a person with a disability is choosing a healthcare provider to receive NDIS funded support from, the choice can be quite challenging due to the number of different providers and options available within the community. Unlike unregistered providers, registered providers can, and have, demonstrated to the Australian Government via the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, that they meet the specific quality and safeguard requirements. This means that the NDIS commission has essentially screened the registered providers to give you peace of mind regarding your safety and the quality of service an individual is likely to receive.

Unlike an unregistered provider, a registered provider has been approved by the NDIS to deliver NDIS funded supports to a wider range of Participants, including those with NDIS-managed funding. For more information regarding this, please see the NDIS website here.

Why choose Thriving Lives Co. as your NDIS service provider?

  • This means we have met the strict quality and safety guidelines established and enforced by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, so our Participants have the peace of mind that we deliver a high quality and
  • Our collective allied health and administrative team have extensive experience in working within the NDIS funding scheme, which means we can advocate for our Participant’s support and therapy needs to help them to get the services they need.
  • Our comprehensive understanding of the NDIS means that we can make receiving the appropriate support under this scheme a lot less confusing for our Participants, their support people, and their other providers through our collaborative approach.
  • Our allied health professionals have considerable experience working with individuals living with a disability and can deliver the individualised therapy our Participants need, regardless of their disability, unique circumstances, and/or preferences for care.
  • Our therapists are highly skilled and specialists in reporting skills, such that the reports we provide are guaranteed to address the reasonable and necessary criteria the NDIA utilises in decision making regarding our Participant’s funding allocation. This means that we are well-placed to advocate for our Participant’s individual needs and requirements.
  • We have a reputation within our region for high quality and informative reports and we consistently receive positive feedback from families, Support Coordinators, and Local Area Coordinators regarding the quality of our reports and the impact they have on our Participant’s funding allocation and service provider needs.
  • We have a collective team of allied health professionals that all work collaboratively together under one roof to be able to efficiently and conveniently provide Allied Health Assistance, Exercise Physiology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Psychology services.
  • An inter-disciplinary approach is the gold standard in health care and involves health professionals from differing disciplines all working collaboratively as a team to achieve the best possible outcomes for our participants.
  • Thriving Lives Co. is 100% Australian and Far North Queensland based, owned, and operated. We are a team of locals that love what we do and love where we live, so our Participants who are also FNQ based can have the peace of mind in knowing that we are here to stay and to support them, and that we understand FNQ living.
  • Our clinical team are highly mobile and can travel to, and complete sessions in, homes, local gyms, local pools, daycare centers, schools, or within the community. We can tailor appointment locations based on our individual Participant’s needs and always in close collaboration with all key stakeholders involved in their care and recovery.
  • We are all about empowering our Participants to be as independent in their individualised therapy as possible based on their needs and preferences. This means we work with everyone in our Participant’s lives to help support their development, autonomy, and independence.
  • We are constantly reviewing the latest research to maintain our commitment to evidence-based practice to give ourselves and our Participants the confidence that their healthcare is based upon the most reliable and valid information available to deliver the best care possible.
  • We all share a growth mindset so we love seeking out and receiving feedback and we take every opportunity we can to learn from our mistakes to become the best providers that we can.

How can allied health providers help people with a disability?

There are numerous ways that therapy with allied health professionals can support individuals on their journey to optimal quality of life, independence, and wellbeing. Please see here and/or click the specific discipline below for more information:

How are allied health services funded?

All of the services offered by our allied health professionals will fall under the “Capacity Building” purpose/section of our Participant’s support budget, which is to enable our Participants to build their independence.

Capacity Building supports can be further categorized into outcome domains of Daily Living (Support Category 15) and Health and Wellbeing (Support Category 12), dependent upon the allied health discipline.

If a Participant has funding allocated to these support categories, they can access allied health services from our team. If their current support budget is allocated to other support categories and they would like to receive support from allied health professionals, changes can be made at their next plan review meeting.

Alternatively, our Participants may be able to access funding from a different purpose/section of their support budget to fund an assessment and detailed report to increase their access to allied health services. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (07) 4065 8000 and/or info@thrivinglives.com.au and we can direct you to who best to speak to regarding this.

Can Thriving Lives Co. help people with a disability get funding through the NDIS?

Our therapists’ expertise in assessment and detailed report writing allows our team to advocate for our Participant’s need for funding to access allied health services in addition to other types of services that will support that individual to achieve their goals and improve their health, independence, and quality of life.

We have expertise in conducting our assessments and writing our reports in a way that best provides the evidence the NDIS planner responsible for our Participant’s future plan needs to make their decisions regarding funding allocations. This report will outline the functional limitations and impact the Participant’s disability has upon their own, and their wider support system’s, daily lives.

It doesn’t matter whether our Participants already have an existing NDIS plan or not, our therapists can support them to receive their first plan, and/or to receive the reasonable and necessary amount of funding in subsequent plans, regardless of the timing of their planning review meeting.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of support to obtain the appropriate funding in your/their first or next NDIS plan, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (07) 4065 8000 and/or info@thrivinglives.com.au.

The following is further information directly from the NDIS website.

Allied health providers provide evidence, assessments and reports that inform access and planning decisions made by NDIA delegates (planners) under the NDIS Act.

Allied health providers may:

  • Refer people to information about who can access the NDIS
  • Provide supporting evidence as part of an access request, including evidence that the person has or is likely to have a permanent disability
  • Provide copies of reports or assessments that describe the extent of the functional impact of the disability.

How can people with a disability get support from Thriving Lives Co.?

If an individual already has an NDIS plan and is ready to receive support, they can complete either the appropriate referral form via the link below, or can contact us on (07) 4065 8000 and/or info@thrivinglives.com.au, depending on communication preferences.

Quality, Safeguards, and Feedback

All Participants within the NDIS have the right to be treated fairly, feel and be safe, and receive quality service from their service provider.

Speaking up when they feel unsafe with their provider or are not happy with the quality of services from their provider is important for improving services for themselves and for others.

This may involve speaking with their provider first to see if the provider can put things right, and if not, they should not hesitate to contact the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission via their website.

Regarding our service provision at Thriving Lives Co., to make a complaint, provide feedback, or to obtain a copy of our Complaints and Feedback Policy please contact us on (07) 4065 8000 and/or info@thrivinglives.com.au.

For more information and a copy of the NDIS Code of Conduct please see the NDIS website and the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission website.