Lucy Ruttiman

Lucy Ruttiman
Principal Occupational Therapist

Lucy is the Principal Occupational Therapist at TLC with over 10 years’ experience in paediatrics. She is a born and bred Cairns local and now enjoys the region with her family. She graduated from James Cook University Townsville in 2010 with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy with Honours.  

She has training in a range of therapeutic modalities including use of play, relationships-based assessment and intervention, developing motor and hand use skills, supporting toileting challenges, eating challenges with children, self-regulation interventions, handwriting support, and infant, child and adolescent mental health.  

Lucy works predominantly in early intervention, working with children and their families with a range of developmental concerns including developmental delays, genetic and chromosomal disorders, neurological disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, ASD or ADHD, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, sensory processing difficulties, feeding difficulties, and behaviour difficulties considering attachment and trauma. She supports the child, their family and carers, and other support in an ongoing way to assist their development.  

Her model of working is family-centered, and she is very passionate about using the parent/carer relationships and role to support the child’s physical, cognitive, and social emotional development in working toward identified goals. Lucy loves being part of the TLC team which she says is so full of energy and passion towards improving lives and demonstrates their beliefs daily through thoughtful and evidence-based care and support.

In her free time, Lucy stays active through jogging, is a craft enthusiast, and known to be an excellent baker and cake decorator. 


  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (hons) – 2012 

Professional Courses :

  • ICAN CO-OP: CO-OP Comprehensive – 2023 
  • OT Australia: Regulation and Pain Management – 2022  
  • OT Australia: Child and Adolescent Pain Management – 2022  
  • CP Therapy: Functional Hand Use – 2022  
  • CP Therapy: Bimanual Hand Use – 2022 
  • ICDL: DIRFloortime 201 – 2022  
  • ICDL: DIRFloortime 101 – 2021  
  • Get Permission Institute: Responsive Feeding – 2020  
  • Theraplay Australia: Level 1 Theraplay and MIM– 2017  
  • Pearson: Bayley 3 Training – 2017  
  • Éadaoin Bhreathnach: Sensory Attachment intervention -– 2016  
  • Éadaoin Bhreathnach: Sensory attachment intervention, level one training – 2015 
  • EDOS: Maudsley Family Therapy – 2015  
  • Scott Miller: Interpersonal Psychotherapy – 2015  
  • EDOS: Parent skills group for eating disorders – 2015  
  • Department of Child Safety: Sexually Reactive Behaviours – 2014  
  • Paolo Bertrando: Advanced Family Therapy – 2013  
  • Bert Powell and COS: Circle of Security training – 2013  
  • Tina Champagne: Sensory modulation – 2013  
  • Hothouse and Dovetail: Substance use and Young people – 2011 
  • Karen Stagnetti & OT Australia: Play and Literacy – 2011 
  • OT Australia & Autism QLD: Working with Autism – 2011  
  • Early Childhood Intervention Australia: Sensory Integration & Communication & Behaviour – 2011