Julie Kim

Julie Kim
Accounts Officer

Julie joined the TLC team in 2023 as an Accounts Officer. She is originally from Korea and lived there until she was 18, when she moved to China. Julie lived in China for six years before ultimately moving to Australia, where she has been ever since. Julie speaks an impressive three languages: Korean, Mandarin, and English.  

She completed a Degree of Commerce in 2009, a Diploma of Accounting in 2023, and is now working towards her Bachelor of Accounting. Julie has gained valuable interpersonal and communication skills through her various customer service roles and her study has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of bookkeeping practices and knowledge.  

Julie values her family above all else and loves spending time with her husband and children when she is outside of work.  


  • Bachelor of Accounting – ongoing  
  • Diploma of Accounting – 2023  
  • Degree of Commerce – 2009